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First Impressions - State of Decay
EDITORIAL  posted Sep 27th, 2013

First Impressions - State of Decay6

There is new game to in the Zombie Survival genre trying to climb up the ranks. We are speaking, of course, about State of Decay. The game has been out on XBox Live Arcate (XBLA) and is not out on our beloved Steam. State of Decay is being feature in their "Early Access". This means that the game is still very much in Alpha/Beta and is not the first game. This is to help games work out the bugs with help from the community. What does this mean for the game at this point? That's what i'm here to tell you as much as I can.

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Saints Row IV Review - SIlly is an Understatement
REVIEW  posted Sep 24th, 2013

Saints Row IV Review - SIlly is an Understatement5

Ahhhh… Good ole Saint’s Row. I have to admit, as much as I like the GTA franchise, which I’ve been playing since GTA 1, I’ve always preferred the Saint’s Row franchise for one simple reason. There’s no sense of shame or guilt built in. There’s no “oh I’m so sick of this thug life, I just want out” repeated over and over after killing hundreds of folks each time. In Saint’s Row you take pride in who you are and what you do. Well, you’re character does anyway, you may or may not personally, I won’t judge. Anyway, I’ve obviously been waiting for Saint’s Row IV to hit the shelves, and it finally arrived, so let’s see if it lives up to the hype. Keep Reading »

PAX Prime - Shadow Warrior Preview
PREVIEW  posted Sep 20th, 2013

PAX Prime - Shadow Warrior Preview1

The last time we saw a 3D Realms franchise return from the dead, it didn’t quite work out. The main characters, “totally rad to the max” attitude, misogynistic behavior, and affinity for bleach blonde buzzcuts and steroids being out of date would’ve been one thing, but then the game sucked too and the dream was dead. It wasn’t the only 3D Realms IP waiting in the wings to see how it would do in the modern era of gaming, and the developers handling its reboot are doing their best to make sure all the outdated concepts are left in the past and the gameplay is brought into the future. Keep Reading »

State of Decay Coming to Steam Early Access
NEWS  posted Sep 19th, 2013

State of Decay Coming to Steam Early Access3

Guess what! State of Decay will be coming to Steam's Early Access program tomorrow. Keep Reading »
DEFIANCE - State of the Game Update... Is it enough?
EDITORIAL  posted Sep 19th, 2013

DEFIANCE - State of the Game Update... Is it enough?2

It's been quite the road for DEFIANCE over these past few months. With the first big DLC patch not quite being what they were hoping for, it's time to talk about the State of Defiance. I'm not going to be the one to talk about. I'm just going to bring the knowledge to your eyeballs. No, The Creative Lead of Defiance, Trick Dempsey, is here to give us the update. Lets see if they're finall going to deliver on everything they've been talking about or if everything is going to fell flat... again.

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New Takedown: Red Sabre Trailer Focuses on Tactics
VIDEOS  posted Sep 17th, 2013

New Takedown: Red Sabre Trailer Focuses on Tactics1

The latest trailer for Takedown: Red Sabre jumps into basic movement and equipment usage. Keep Reading »
Saints Row IV - GAT V Pack Released
VIDEOS  posted Sep 17th, 2013

Saints Row IV - GAT V Pack Released2

The GAT V Pack has released with new outfits and silly weapons. Keep Reading »
Extraction Closed Beta Announced
NEWS  posted Sep 17th, 2013

Extraction Closed Beta Announced7

The closed beta for Extraction will be kicking off early October. Keep Reading »
PAX Prime - Borderlands 2 - TK Baha's Bloody Harvest Impressions

The final boss battle is not usually where you expect yourself to end up when demoing a new game or DLC for an existing title. But while attending PAX Prime this year, that’s exactly what I found myself doing when checking out the upcoming Halloween-themed content for Borderlands 2, TK Baha’s Bloody Harvest when I came face-to-face with Jacques O’Lantern. Keep Reading »

PAX Prime - Takedown: Red Sabre Preview
PREVIEW  posted Sep 16th, 2013

PAX Prime - Takedown: Red Sabre Preview7

Today shooters are going in all sorts of directions with what's being made. We've got Call of Duty having players take the guns blazing Rambo route, Arma 3 bringing an extremely realistic approach, Rise of the Triad bringing back the old school portion of the genre, and then there's Takedown: Red Sabre. Takedown: Red Sabre is in development by Serellan LLC full of developers from teams like Bungie, Microsoft, Monlith, Snowblind, Ubisoft, Red Storm, and I can go on. They've worked on many triple A titles even if they're indie. Takedown: Red Sabre is a tactical shooter focusing on close quarters scenarios which will be realistic and require tons of communication. Serellan LLC took to Kickstarter to garner support for their project by funding their goal of $200,000 with an extra $21,833 back in April of 2012. Keep Reading »

Payday 2 - Update #11 is Out
EDITORIAL  posted Sep 16th, 2013

Payday 2 - Update #11 is Out4

This past Friday, Overkill dropped a new update for Payday 2, number 11. It was a week and a few days later than it was supposed to be and that didn't tide too well with the community sadly. But let's check out everything the patch has updated and see what's up.

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Battlefield 4 Open Beta in October
NEWS  posted Sep 13th, 2013

Battlefield 4 Open Beta in October0

The open beta for Battlefield 4 will allow for players to get a jump on their game. Keep Reading »
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