Piranha Games and Infinite Game Publishing set us up with a grand total of 3,000 beta keys to give away for their upcoming title in the MechWarrior franchise, MechWarrior Online. To make things even more interesting, it’s going to be Free to Play, so grab your key and jump into the MechWarrior universe! Here’s a quick excerpt from their site for those of you unaware what it is!

“Piranha Games is proud to bring you the next installment in the MechWarrior® franchise. It has been a long time coming and this synopsis will help to answer some of your questions. We are a premium Free-To-Play game based on the bestselling BattleTech® Universe. When coming up with the core game features for MechWarrior® Online™, we create and focused on four pillars of design and player experience. These pillars include:

  • Mech Warfare – The embodiment of Mech to Mech combat.
  • Role Warfare – The ability for player’s to customize their experience to suit their own style of gameplay.
  • Community Warfare – The ability to let the players take part in epic combat for territorial control.
  • Information Warfare – Bring a new element to the battlefield that incorporates information technology to help control the fight.”
This giveaway is finished.