What most of us fail to realize is that gambling and video games utilize the same techniques which ‘hook’ players into taking part. Slot games have proved very popular and no more then Starburst XXXtreme. With video games, you can often play blackjack or poker, like for example in Sims, Grand Theft Auto, and many others –giving you the option of earning some extra coins for your efforts. In fact, there are some games that have poker machines built into the actual games. You can most of the games out at skycity casino online or the official skycity casino.

Because addiction is often described as the relationship between a person and the activity, and we can’t help but feel addicted since the action is highly pleasant. Games nowadays are a part of our younger generation and their culture. The fact that people are more drawn to slot machines or video games rather than other social games just tells us a bit more about ourselves and our dream of escaping a culture of fear –from global warming, environmental issues, ethical dilemmas concerning animals, and even terrorism. In fact, many experts explain that there is a link between slot machines and feeling a sense of predictability and self-control.

If you’re seeking those feelings and more, here are five great slot machines that the video gamer insider you will appreciate:

1. Twisted Circus

Twisted Circus Slot is a 5-reel and 243 ways-to-win slot which also contains a bonus feature. This slot machine by microgaming is all about the atmosphere and feeling of the circus –with 32 winning combinations will keep you hooked for hours.

Between the Twisted Circus logo, Ringmasters, Fire Breather, the scatter ticket, Snake Lady, the Siamese Twins, Clown, Strong Man, Bearded Lady and Monkey, it will be up to you to choose and win.

Featuring an exciting and captivating design which shies away from conventional slot machines, the Twisted Circus has high prize pay-outs and trigger bonuses. There are at least two scatters anywhere on the reels which will pay out, with the top jackpot pay-out awarded for five scatters.

2. A Night Out

Stuck indoors on a Friday night? That’s not a problem anymore, as you can experience all the fun of going out without the repercussions of headaches and embarrassment. This immersive online slot game makes use of exciting extras such as bartender bonus, dance floor symbol scatter, beer symbol wild, and an impressive jackpot called Dollar Ball.

There is no surprise that A Night Out is such a success, particularly considering that there are multiple elements which mimic situations encountered on a night out. Featuring everything from lights, dance floor moves, lurid and colorful cocktails, there is little to not like about this slot game. You’ll even join three attractive characters called Cindy, Roxy, and Kat during the game –thus, you’re in good company!

3. Desert Treasure

If you have liked reading Robinson Crusoe or enjoy video games such as Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, Desert Treasure will undoubtedly be a slot machine you’ll want to try. After all, who hasn’t dreamt of finding treasure, armed solely with a secret map?

While playing Desert Treasure, you might come close to this goal as you successfully negotiate with the killer cobras, cunning sheik, and beautiful princess appearing in the game. You can even hit the Hidden Oasis bonus feature, enjoying treasure chests and ancient urns -all the while adding to your real-money winnings.

4. X-Men

Regardless of which X-Men character you’ve always dreamt of becoming, you don’t need to be Professor Xavier to understand and acknowledge that this is a great online slot game. The adventure starts straight away, and you have five reels, engaging features, and 25 pay lines to enjoy during your gaming sessions -catapulting this slot straight into the top 11 slots currently available on the market.

There are even bonus rounds with free spins, once you reach the Heroes vs. Villains part. Featuring wild and extra wild characteristics, X-Men is reminiscent of an immersive and unlimited free game.

The Marvel multi-level Mystery Progressive Jackpot round, together with a series called X-feature, give players such as yourself the opportunity to win a whopping 5x multiplier. Simply put, there is no way that X-Men will disappoint.

5. Iron Man 2

Iron Man is one of the most beloved Marvel heroes we have laid our eyes upon. Featuring the charismatic and funny Tony Stark and his adventures, this online slot machine is excellent for lovers of video games and characters which either make or break the hypnotic storyline.

This comic book slot comes alive through Stark, and it a game with 5-reel and 25-lines. Similar to the X-Men slot machine game previously mentioned, Iron Man 2 has the Marvel Mystery Progressive Jackpot -triggered randomly at the end of a game.

The best part? Well, the graphics are surprisingly sleek for an online slot machine. Moreover, equipped with numerous features and full of entertainment, this is an interactive game which makes use of cool weaponry.


Most of us have the perception that gambling is not a type of game, mainly since we have the image of a teenager playing Xbox on his parent’s sofa or basement. However, both online slot machines and video games provide players with a sense of safety and security –a place where they feel comfortable and safe. In fact, you’re not playing to win; you’re playing to stay in the zone –the zone where your daily pains, anxieties, and worries slip away from memory.

The best thing about slot machines? Well, you don’t have the interruptions you would have in a live poker game (i.e., while you wait for cards to be dealt or starring at the other players and trying to make out their facial expressions). In other words, you can go from one hand to the other with nothing stopping you. If that’s what you’re looking for, the five slots mentioned above will satisfy your senses and more.