If you’ve been following Payday 2 we’ve got some perhaps leaked information on the heists planned for release. On a 4chan post someone said they saw a Steam post in which the person went through the data files for Payday 2 and found several names of heists that may or may not be planned for Payday 2. Certain heists are currently confirmed that are in the beta and others are unheard of, but it’s nice to see First World Bank in the list.

We’ll of course follow up with Overkill Software and see if we can find out anything, but here’s the list below.

Framing Frame Day 1
Framing Frame Day 2
Framing Frame Day 3


Rats Day 1
Rats Day 2
Rats Day 3

Watchdogs Day 1
Watchdogs Day 2

Firestarter Day 1
Firestarter Day 2
Firestarter Day 3

Welcome to the jungle Day 1
Welcome to the jungle Day 2

Ukrainian Job
Four Stores
Jewelry Store
Bank Heist: Cash
Bank Heist: Gold
Bank Heist: Deposit
First World Bank

Score: Airport
Score: Crackhouse
Score: Yacht
Score: Docks
Score: Crossing

Heist: Casino

Snitch Snatch Day 1
Snitch Snatch Day 2

Drought Day 1
Drought Day 2
Drought Day 3
Drought Day 4
Drought Day 5

Bring Me The Head Of Armando Garcia Day 1
Bring Me The Head Of Armando Garcia Day 2
Bring Me The Head Of Armando Garcia Day 3

Dead Drop Day 1
Dead Drop Day 2

War Is Fantastic Day 1
War Is Fantastic Day 2
War Is Fantastic Day 3

Cinderella Day 1
Cinderella Day 2
Cinderella Day 3
Cinderella Day 4
Cinderella Day 5

Turf War Day 1
Turf War Day 2
Turf War Day 3

On Display Day 1
On Display Day 2

Escape: Cafe
Escape: Park
Escape: street
Escape: Overpass
Escape: Overpass Night
Escape: Garage