Both Male Strippers Brisbane and BulletInTech claim: ever since the compact form of hi-fi speakers have taken the market by surprise, bookshelf speakers have become a staple for households, the beating heart of parties and recreational gaming dens.

We’ve used a managed service to extract you the list below.

#5 Micca MB42X

These speakers are a more budget-friendly alternative for those looking for raw performance. However, the main problem is that they are sensitive to positioning, which can be a double-edged sword depending on your gaming room.

That said, it’s noteworthy that both build quality and performance are robust and vibrant, meaning that you’ll get a quality experience even for a lower-priced item.

#4 Q Acoustics 3020

The Q Acoustics 3020 is a great product; however, it doesn’t come even close to the other two bookshelf speakers we’ll talk about next. Nonetheless, featuring a more affordable price tag, the 3020s are still equipped with a whole lot of charm, stable construction, and offer a decent quality sound.

While discussing the low end, it’s noteworthy that these speakers come with a driver which comprises of some interesting materials –including aramid fibers and paper. All in all, the product offers proper attention to detail, while the build quality is remarkable for this price point. But, these speakers are a tiny bit longer than most, and that is also something to account for before making your final decision. It will be essential to take measurements before bringing them into your home, yet we can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

#3 Edifier R1280T

Although this brand doesn’t fit the high-end names we’ve packed on this listen, the R1280T is an excellent combination of value and affordability –particularly for smaller spaces.

Featuring its own amplifier, these bookshelf speakers are easy to connect to different devices and offer incredible audio quality for their price point. What you get is a sound quality that is both clear and rich, with the weight and heft that you’d expect.

#2 KEF Q300

One of the most significant details of the KEF Q300 is that it guarantees a lot when it comes to its bass response. Standing as KEF’ eight generation of Q Series speakers, there has been a lot of improvements which have made this product significantly stand out from its competition.

Concerning design, these speakers pack a chromed strip that runs along the front baffle, giving the product a retro and stylish look reminiscent of the 70s. Overall, the design is built on simplicity, but that’s far from the truth when discussing the KEF’s Uni-Q driver design. A 25mm vented tweeter sits in the center an aluminum mid-bass unit, helping with a better sound integration.

Overall, this is a highly durable and elegant product which gives prominence to both the natural wood grain finish and aluminum bars -all of which work together beautifully in creating a robust performance specially designed for those gamers who love a high-quality and customizable listening experience.

#1 SVS Ultra

Number one on our list we have the SVS Ultra, which is non-coincidentally also the Audio Rumble’s editor pick for the best bookshelf speaker of 2018. The brand has been already graced with some industry awards for taking sound quality to a whole different experience.

While the brand has been, for generations, regarded as an industry leader, the SVS Ultra speaker is a product which comes at a premium. Featuring super-transparent sound reproduction, a stunning cabinet design which can bring elegance to any home, along with a full soundstage, this is feature-packed speakers worth the price tag.

The integrated 1.7” acoustic port is designed to help with the bass, but what separates the SVS Ultra from others is that even low frequencies are superior. As a general rule of thumb, sounds at this frequency as typically wooly or over-cooked, but the SVS Ultra delivers excellent sound definition.

If you’re going to go all out while gaming, it’s best to have a decent amp that can make these bookshelf speakers speak to their level. Another thing to bear in mind is that the construction quality of these speakers is outstanding, and they don’t only feel like a premium product, they are one.