What better way to start writing this preview than to listen to the sweet sound of Destiny? About a week ago some people in the media were able to attend an event at Bungie's studio unveiling Destiny. While we didn't, we're here to tell you everything we've learned that just surfaced so far. See, even though I wasn't at the preview, I get the joy of listening to Destiny while writing.

Other than press embargoes coming off right at 1PM Eastern, also a video documentary for Destiny from Bungie unveiled. The first in the series of video documentaries, "Pathways Out of Darkness" made its appearance. While showing off concept art it also gives you an idea of what to expect from Destiny in terms of overall and story. Check it out below.

So what exactly is Destiny? I've rambled on a bit but I haven't really told you much yet. Bungie's title Destiny puts players in the role of a Guardian empowered by The Traveler. Guardians are basically knights or protectors if you will that seek to uncover the downfall of humanity and keep what's left safe. Destiny takes place in the future, while we don't know what period, it takes place in the future. There's interstellar travel, we've made it to different planets, and all that good stuff. But unfortunately, something catastrophic happened and well us humans are now extinct.

Even with the calamity that has stricken Earth, there's still one city left that's safe. Only one. It's safe because of The Traveler, some cracked white orb that hovers over the city. It protects the city and as mentioned, fuels our Guardians some way or another. You've probably seen The Traveler around the internet a few times now. My question is, are these Guardians humans, robots, what are we?

TL:DR, What is Destiny

Basically, Destiny takes place in our solar system, way into the future, humanity is dead, but one city still has hope due to a mysterious protector. And it's a "shared world shooter", which leads us to think MMOFPS. Even though they prefer it not be called that. It'll also require a online connection, but not a pay to play model. (subscription)

In Destiny, You Make Your Own Adventure

The coolest thing I've been reading so far is how strongly Bungie wants to have players create their own story. Every game tries to make its player generally the hero or you started with nothing and are now the chosen one. Ending the game by saving the world, killing a enemy threat, finding the antidote, you know, anything awesome at the end of the day. Well instead of taking a linear storyline route, Bungie wants you to create your own story. Okay, I took a different route but got the same ending, so what?

Not really. While we haven't played Destiny or even seen any of what Bungie has been explaining, they're really emphasizing how big it will be. The customization system will be an important feature and make sure people realize they're playing with other humans at all times. Every time you interact with someone, you'll be starting a whole new story, your own legend, your own awesome ending. But it doesn't end with just one adventure.

"On top of it, they have this rich player progression system that allows them to customize their character. I look forward to the first time people see a stranger in a public space and realize at that moment they're playing with other human beings. Or the first time a group of friends realizes they can come back to Destiny week after week and have these great cooperative experiences." Pete Parsons, COO of Bungie

An example that story lead Joe Staten used to immerse us is an experience he shared with his coworker Jason. Jason started by showing off his new sihp earned from the Queek of Reef bounty. As this is now in the future, they took the ship to Mars to investigate for a lost ancient city from the Golden Age of humankind. In this adventure they had to explore, "Cabal-patrolled territory" and fight their way through. Apparently Staten compared them to Rhinos with slug throwers and riding in big tanks. On their way to the, "Dust Palace" they'd come across Sand Eaters that occupy the city. Every now and then we're in an area to tough, so avoiding them was the best route. 

Their whole adventure ended with the reward of new weapons. A new hand cannon and shiny shotgun is the way to do it. Staten said, "This is a dungeon raid". These little "dungeon raids" you'll experience with other players are quests that every player can encounter to create their own personal cooperative story. Now to see it in action, show us more gameplay Bungie!

The Seven Pillars Everyone is Talking About

Bungie has seven key pillars they've been working on while creating Destiny. Every preview you read will probably mention the Seven Pillars. The Seven Pillars is a guideline for developing Destiny to make sure players have the best experience they can. Let's go one by one.

  • A world players want to be in. As of Jason Jones, the questions a player asks themself when hopping into a video game, "‘Do I want to be in this world? Is it cool? Do I want to stay here?’ That led us to create a world full of mystery that people can explore." Which without a doubt can make sense. Once I start up destiny if I'm intrigued and woo'd by everything, I'm not going to be able to get enough of it. The atmosphere and art can really make a setting powerful.
  • Are there enough fun things to do? Destiny has been referred to as, "a sandbox with a lot of tools". So we've got a thousand different activities or scenarios and Bungie wants us to be able to take them on however we want. There are activities for every player that succeed in.
  • Rewards or GTFO. Everything you do in Destiny will lead to rewards for customizing your character. There's always that moment in a game where you first get a piece of armor and wonder, will this appear on my character? Well in the world of Destiny, it sounds like it's going to do much more than that. Apparently every piece of equipment you come across will have some type of connection to the lore in Destiny.
  • A new experience every time you play. Every time you play, Bungie wants it to be a ton of fun and different every time. Jones wants players to get distracted by all those side missions that activities, that you completely forget what your original intent was.
  • The best time is had with others. Whether you hop into Destiny with friends or alone, you're going to find people you can play with. "Everything that’s fun to do is more fun with other people," Jones says. "Even if you do play solo — which is a totally valid way to play — you’re going to see other people in your game.
  • Every skill level can have fun. Whether you're an expert gamer or picking up a shooter for the first time, you can play Destiny. "We want everybody who wants to play, to play. If you have the basic coordination to play a shooter," Bungie states.
  • Bring us your tired, impatient, and distracted. Destiny isn't going to be a giant puzzle or force you to look up walkthroughs. It's going to be a fun and simple core experience.

So what are some of the aliens we'll be fighting in Destiny? We mentioned the Sand Eaters earlier, but that's not all. There are also traveling robots, warlocks, spider pirates, space zombies, and more that we don't even know yet. What the heck is a spider pirate? As of Wikipedia there are pirate spiders which eat other spiders. They're tricky ones too. Everything else I can understand, but spider pirates definitely caught my attention.

Destiny takes on mobile

We don't believe Bungie is going all out with mobile devices and Destiny, but there will be some interaction. As of the video documentary earlier in the article, we see a quick glimpse of mobile devices. We'll see profiles, updates, be connected with friends at all times, and constantly letting you know when there's new stuff to do. Bungie aims to keep you in the story at all times.

Class System

There's one other thing we'd like to make a brief note about. At the press conference, there were three classes mentioned. A Hunter, Warlock, and Titan. There wasn't much really told about these guys, but we do have a picture on the three. Bungie didn't confirm how many classes are planned for Destiny or really anything on the classes. We just know, there is some sort of class system in place.

It's possible we missed a few details in our preview, but after scouring the internet on anything Destiny, this is a lot of what we've come up with. Feel free to tell us what you think in the comments or maybe something we didn't mention. Keep the information flowing! All the concept art can also be found below.